24. 10. 2019

Parasol Caravan, Savanah, Minus Green

Arena, Dunaj, Avstrija
Organizator: Roadtrip To Outta Space, Night Of Fuzz

Ready for take-off? Buckle up and hold on tight when the "fuzztronauts" of PARASOL CARAVAN start their spaceship and speed across the stage with the riff force of a supernova. The Linz-based band counts on calm psychedelic moments merged with heavy fuzz and driving guitar riffs, a fusion epitomizing the right amount of progressiveness and beaming the listener directly into orbit...
Since their formation in 2009, Parasol Caravan's fuzztronauts have worked tirelessly on their reputation as an outstanding live act in the stoner rock cosmos.
Parasol Caravan have been working hard on their new record and are proud to finally unleash "Nemesis" (Töchtersöhne Records) on to the public on October 25th. 


Minus Green

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