29. 7. 2021

ACFH: Koikoi, Haloban

Pruh, Svečina
Organizator: A Cure for Happiness



Belgrade-based band, formed in winter 2017. KOIKOI's music style combines psychedelic rock'n'roll, krautrock, art-rock and punk elements with palatable grooves from electronica and new wave and elements of Serbian folk. Their poetry is about fantasy, art, and slices of life.

Band members:

Marko Grabež - guitar +vocals
Emilija Đorđević - bass + vocals
Ivana Miljković - synth + vocals
Ivan Pavlović Gizmo - drums + samples


Haloban is a group of music amateurs who are united by the motto "nothing is hurting us and we just don't care".

During their creation and experimentation, they found their musical inspiration mainly in non-commercial genres, and Russian hardbass is especially close to their hearts. They have released three studio albums with the latter which springboarded them into the waters of Russian rhythms.

Nino Selinšek - keyboards (+ production)
Aljaž Fredi Novak - vocals
Tadej Verdenik Troupe - vocals
Jaka Kniplič - vocals + percussion
Urban Saletinger - drums
Tilen Drumlič Denac - sound engineer

24. 9. 2021
Hellsword, Challenger
Klub Gromka, Metelkova, Ljubljana
25. 9. 2021
ODPOVEDANO! Siderean, Assumption
Pruh, Svečina
25. 9. 2021
Unforgiven 4
Orto Bar, Ljubljana
25. 9. 2021
Morost, Agan
Mostovna, Nova Gorica
26. 9. 2021
Leechfeast, Left to Starve
Klub Gromka, Metelkova, Ljubljana
30. 9. 2021
Ambra, Hoba, Decair
Orto Bar, Ljubljana