18. 9. 2015

Swallow The Sun

Swallow The Sun so objavili tracklisto in naslovnico prihajajočega trojnega albuma z naslovom Songs from the North I, II & III, ki bo izšel sredi novembra:

CD 1:
With You Came the Whole of the World's Tears
10 Silver Bullets
Rooms and Shadows
Heartstrings Shattering
The Memory of Light
Lost & Catatonic
From Happiness to Dust

CD 2:
The Womb of Winter
The Heart of a Cold White Land
Pray for the Winds to Come
Songs from the North
Autumn Fire
Before the Summer Dies

CD 3:
The Gathering of Black Moths
7 Hours Late
Empires of Loneliness
Abandoned by the Light
The Clouds Prepare for Battle

16. 11. 2015Swallow The Sun z novim videom / Novice
4. 11. 2015Swallow The Sun / Novice
19. 10. 2015Swallow The Sun / Novice
6. 10. 2015Swallow The Sun / Novice
20. 8. 2015Swallow The Sun / Novice
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