2. 3. 2019

Gaahls Wyrd, Tribulation, Uada

Viper Room, Dunaj, Avstrija
Organizator: Viper Room

Gaahls WYRD and Tribulation will team up for a co-headline tour of Europe next year dubbed “Northern Ghosts”. The trek will visit 15 cities on the European continent, including stops in London, Paris, Munchen and a great selection of other exciting territories in both the Eastern and Western parts of Europe.
Swedish Tribulation is widely regarded as a powerhouse of a live band and has received massive acclaim for their recent output, “Down Below” with Pitchfork describing their record as a catch all and a gyre of genres, while its predecessor, “The Children of the Night” was hailed as ominous and accessible occult anthems by the same magazine.

Since Gaahl rose to prominence with his first band Trelldom, the legendary singer, front man, artist and composer has been one of Norway’s most talked about and respected extreme metal musicians. Needless to say his work with Trelldom, Gorgoroth, Wardruna and God Seed has made a huge impact on the scene.
Having stunned audiences during festival appearances and the recent “Vardøger European Tour” last year, Gaahls WYRD is now finally ready to present material from their forthcoming debut album for Seasons of Mist.

Says Gaahls WYRD: We have a lot of respect for our travel partners, Tribulation and Uada, and can’t wait to join forces for what we believe will be a thoroughly enjoyably and diverse package the we are confident will hit home in the metal community. We’re also massively eager to present songs from our brand new album that will be released next year. 2019 can’t come soon enough.

Says Tribulation: We're proud to announce that we'll be joining forces with Gaahl's Wyrd and Uada early in the year of their lord 2019 through Europe! We're looking forward to give you all a longer setlist more in line with our vision!

Joining Gaahls WYRD and Tribulation as special guest are the American black metal mongers Uada. The band has had a massive resurgence in the metal underground lately with their brilliantly crafted album “Cult of a Dying Sun”.

VVK: 21,00 EUR
AK: 25,00 EUR
Doors: 19:00

Limited to 300 tickets!

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