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9. 12. 2023

Winter Metal Night 2023: Mechanical God Creation, Sign Of The Devil, Divine Inferus

Swenak, Idrija
Organizator: Matevž Dobravec in Héctor Ruvalcaba

Metal se vrača v Swenak, Mechanical God Creation prvič prihajajo v Idrijo. Predskupini bosta Divine Inferus in Sign Of The Devil.
Vstopnina: 7€

Vrata: 20.00
Divine Inferus: 20.30 - 21.00
Sign Of The Devil: 21.20 - 22.00
Mechanical God Creation: 22.30 - 23.30

Mechanical God Creation:
Mechanical God Creation was born in October, 2006. The band walks into the Larsen Forge Recording Studios in Milan in March 2007 to record their first demo entitled "… And the Battle becomes War" featuring 3 tracks and an instrumental intro. In June 2007, the band is selected and voted to play on the 2nd stage of Gods of Metal. In 2008, the band starts playing live out of Italy. After a hard time and several problems within the band, Lucy decides to totally reform it and channel her passionate inspiration through new musicians. Fra and Mirko on guitars, Fabry on bass and Carlo as drummer. In 2018 they completed their third album called “The New Chapter” and sign with record label The Goatmancer.

Sign Of The Devil:
Out of the ashes of covid Sign Of The Devil was born, after recording their first EP some lineup changes were done and now they are ready to conquer stages again with a new lineup and new style of melodic black/death metal

Divine Inferus:
Divine Inferus is a melodic blackened deathmetal metal band founded in Idrija Slovenia. Crafting their sound since 2019 and building a strong onstage performance. The band is presenting their first material to the world.

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