21. 6. 2024

Heretic Feast 2024

Boogaloo, Zagreb, Hrvaška
Organizator: Heretic Feast

Heretic Feast is an extreme metal festival from Kutina, Croatia. Designed with a goal of awakening and preserving the alternative scene in Kutina and whole region. First days of Summer 2024 shall be marked with sounds of distorted guitars and thundering drums, accompanied with screams of undead heretics!



Infernal Tenebra
Attitudes to Human Extinction
Gore Thrower
Dickless Tracy

Tickets are available at Dirty Old Empire:
45€ Early Bird
50€ Presales
55€ On first day of festival

ASAGRAUM (Black Metal, Netherlands)

An all-female band that has been making waves with their ferocious blend of traditional and modern black metal elements. Their performances are known for their intensity and the atmosphere they create. Explore more:

WAYFARER (Atmospheric Black/Folk Metal, Colorado, US)

Hailing from Denver, Wayfarer combines the raw energy of black metal with the melancholic beauty of folk, creating immersive soundscapes. Their music is a journey through the wilderness of the American landscape. More info:

DREADNOUGHT (Progressive Doom Metal, Colorado, US)

Dreadnought's sound is an eclectic mix of doom metal, progressive rock, and jazz, marked by the use of multiple instruments and complex compositions. Their music challenges conventions and takes listeners on an epic voyage. Discover:

NAURRAKAR (Black Metal, Czech Republic)

Emerging from the Czech black metal scene, Naurrakar's music is raw, emotive, and steeped in the genre's traditional sound. Their lyrical themes explore darkness, nature, and human emotion. Check out:

BEZDAN (Black/Thrash Metal, Croatia)

Bezdan combines the aggressiveness of thrash metal with the cold, grim atmosphere of black metal, creating a sound that's both brutal and captivating. Their energetic performances are a testament to the vibrant Croatian metal scene. Explore:

KOLAC (Black Metal, Serbia)

With their roots deeply planted in the Serbian black metal underground, Kolac brings forth a relentless, no-frills approach to the genre. Their music is dark, aggressive, and unapologetically raw. Discover more:

ZLOBNIK (Black/Death Metal, Croatia)

A fierce force in the Croatian metal scene, Zlobnik merges the brutality of death metal with the sinister atmospheres of black metal. Their sound is both powerful and profoundly dark. More info:

GORE THROWER (Death Metal, Hungary)

Hailing from Hungary, Gore Thrower is known for their guttural vocals, fast-paced riffs, and relentless drumming. Their music is a brutal onslaught of death metal that leaves no head unbanged. Explore:

MALEDICTION (Death Metal, Hungary)

Malediction has carved a niche for themselves with their technical prowess and complex song structures. Their music is a sophisticated blend of death metal's intensity and technical metal's intricacy. Check out:

SRD (Black Metal, Slovenia)

Proudly representing Slovenian black metal, SRD combines atmospheric elements with raw aggression. Their music is a reflection on nature, folklore, and the darker aspects of existence. Discover:

INFERNAL TENEBRA (Melodic Death Metal, Croatia)

With a sound that blends the melodic elements of Scandinavian death metal with a unique Balkan touch, Infernal Tenebra has made a name for themselves both locally and internationally. Their music is both catchy and devastating.
Explore more:

DEFIANT (Black/Death Metal, Croatia)

Defiant's music is a ferocious mix of black and death metal, characterized by its speed, aggression, and dark thematic content. They stand as a testament to the strength of the Croatian extreme metal scene. More info:


This band tackles themes of existential dread and the human condition through their brutal and unyielding death metal sound. Their music is a reflection on the darker sides of humanity and our possible futures. Check out:

DICKLESS TRACY (Death Metal/Grindcore, Slovenia)

Known for their blistering speed and aggressive sound, Dickless Tracy blends death metal's brutality with grindcore's chaos. Their performances are intense, energetic, and not for the faint of heart. Discover:

10. 1. 2013Ragnarok - Malediction / Recenzije
11. 5. 2005Dickless Tracy / Novice
13. 6. 2024
Cvinger / Marax
13. 6. 2024
Matti Riekki - North From Here – The Sentenced Story (knjiga)
12. 6. 2024
Tool / Night Verses
11. 6. 2024
Cvinger / Marax
11. 6. 2024
Pomaranča / Metalsteel
10. 6. 2024
Corey Taylor – Europe 2024
10. 6. 2024
Pomaranča / Metalsteel
7. 6. 2024
Iz ropotarnice: The 3rd And The Mortal - Tears Laid in Earth
13. 6. 2024
Igorrr, Sanguisugabogg
Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
13. 6. 2024
Avenged Sevenfold
Firenze Rocks
16. 6. 2024
Body Count
ŠRC Šalata, Zagreb, Hrvaška
21. 6. 2024
Tolminator Warmup Show: Brujeria, Smedja in Smetke
Menza pri Koritu, Ljubljana
21. 6. 2024
Heretic Feast 2024
Boogaloo, Zagreb, Hrvaška
23. 6. 2024
Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Dunaj, Avstrija