17. 7. 2023

Japonski death metalci Seal Fur Peeling za 28. julij napovedujejo svoj dolgometražni prvenec z naslovom Daggers Predacious, ki bo izšel pri založbi Via Nocturna digitalno in na CD-ju. Poleg naslovnice in trackliste je že znan tudi prvi komad:

Bestial Code
Human Domestication
Degeneration Reveration
Blade in Severance
X-Trilogy Part One: Disarray of Berserkx
X-Trilogy Part Two: Pitch Black Iron Horse Mechanix
X-Trilogy Part Three: Unsane Paradox
Jet Frozen Dagger

5. 7. 2023

Nemški progresivni death metalci Alkaloid sporočajo, da so se razšli s kitaristom Dannyjem Tunkerjem. Spodaj lahko preberete celotno izjavo banda:

»We are sad to announce that Danny Tunker left Alkaloid almost 2 years ago. After going through some profound personal tragedies which had little to do with the band, he decided to adjust course and step away to focus on other endeavours. There was no drama and we all support his decision.

After some time for reflection, we decided to make this new album with the four of us. There was plenty of material as always, and we are delighted to have one of Danny's songs on the album at least. It's one of our more insane tracks, and we look forward to sharing it with you all soon!

Danny will be sorely missed. We remain good friends, wish him the best of luck in his new incarnation, and of course hope to work together again in the future in whatever form.«

28. 6. 2023

Italijanski power metalci Frozen Crown, ki so marca letos izdali šesti dolgometražec Call Of The North, sporočajo, da so podpisali z založbo Napalm Records. 

»We're happy and honored to join the Napalm Records family and we're ready for our next big step together! Since we founded this band in 2018 we worked hard incessantly, day after day, not only trying to put our best in our studio albums and live, but also managing the band all by ourselves, conquering every single little accomplishment with our DIY attitude, always keeping loyal to our (extremely) small entourage. Thanks to the support of our lovely fans, Frozen Crown eventually grew bigger, and got to a point where we were not able to handle it all by ourselves anymore. At the same time, we knew we needed more firepower to push the band further and bring it to the next level. And speaking of firepower, Napalm Records was just the best record label to start this new chapter with!!! We're excited beyond words to be part of the best metal label in the world, and we can't wait to start working together on our new album, joining forces with this huge team of professionals!«

28. 6. 2023

Heavy metal legende W.A.S.P., ki smo jih lahko pred nedavnim ujeli na enem izmed naših odrov, sporočajo, da bo nov album luč sveta ugledal poleti naslednje leto. To je pred kratkim v intervjuju za radijsko oddajo The Five Count radio show potrdil vodja zasedbe Blackie Lawless.

»From the time the U.S. tour ended [last December], we went straight back in the studio and we were working really hard to try to get it ready for August of this year, but it's just not gonna happen. It's one of those kinds of things that… I think we've got a big fish on the hook, and I don't wanna let it go before it's ready. I was talking to the guy that does the mixing for our records yesterday, and he asked me what I thought. And I said the best I could tell him would be spring of next year that we'll be ready for him. So if he starts in the spring, that means the soonest it would be ready would be summer.« 

Avtorica fotografije: Dominika Torkar.

15. 6. 2023

Nemški melodični death metalci Kambrium so se razšli s kitaristom Maximilianom Wernerjem. Zasedba je trenutno v fazi snemanja novega albuma. Spodaj lahko preberete izjavo banda v celoti:

»Dear Kambrium fans, today we would like to contact you with an important announcement. Maxi and Kambrium will now go their separate ways. It was a difficult decision for all of us, but we strongly believe that this is the right step for us to continue to grow and explore new musical paths.

Maxi was a constant part of Kambrium. His talent, commitment, and energy have shaped our music and shows in a significant way and accompanied us on many memorable journeys. We are grateful for the years we spent together and will carry the memories we made together forever in our hearts.

Although Maxi will no longer be part of the band, we want to emphasize that our friendship remains and remains strong. We've been through so much together and been through so many highs and lows together that we're sure our connection goes beyond music. We will continue to stay in touch, support each other and look for new adventures in our respective musical projects. Maybe you'll even see Maxi at our merch stand.

For Kambrium, this change is also a chance to reinvent ourselves. We are already working on the next album and are looking forward to enthralling you with our music in the near future. We are very grateful for your support and hope you’ll join us on this new chapter of our journey.

At this point we would like to thank Maxi again from the bottom of our hearts. You'll always be a part of the Kambrium family and we wish you all the best on your journey ahead.«

31. 5. 2023

Ameriški black metalci Uada sporočajo, da so se razšli s kitaristom Jamesom Sloanom. Več lahko preberete v uradni izjavi banda:

»Uada has officially parted ways with guitarist James Sloan. After receiving consecutive accounts and admittance of misconduct, we have decided to let James go. It is of utmost importance that we protect ourselves, the band, and most of all, the fans. After recently learning about years of manipulation, lies, deceit, abuse, and sexual harassment towards many different people, we feel that we have made the absolute best decision in moving forward without him.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to everyone who has come forward and provided proof about this situation.
Please know that UADA will never stand for this type of behavior and that our only agenda here is music and the spirit of its creation. Unfortunately, due to these circumstances, we are now forced to cancel our appearances in Tasmania and Australia next month, but we hope to make it up to the fans down under as soon as we possibly can.

Thank you for your understanding and our deepest apologies to anyone who may have been hurt because of these actions.

Jake, Nate, and Josh.«

16. 5. 2023

Legendarna brata Cavalera bosta 14. julija pri Nuclear Blast Records, ponovno izdala kultni album Morbid Visions in prav tako kultni EP Bestial Devastation. V ta namen v posluh ponujata besedilni video za komad Morbid Visions.

5. 5. 2023

Avstralci Voyager s pesmijo Prince Of Fire napovedujejo Fearless in Love, že osmi dolgometražec v 20 letih delovanja. Seznam pesmi je takšen:

The Best Intentions
Prince of Fire
The Lamenting
Gren (Fearless in Love)

28. 4. 2023

Belgijski black/doom metalci Rituals of the Dead Hand, s člani od Hemelbestormer, Entartung, Lhaäd idr., so podpisali za založbo Immortal Frost Productions, kjer bo izšel njihov tretji studijski album. Več informacij sledi.

24. 4. 2023

Koncert Toxik in Eruption, ki bi se moral zgoditi 17. maja v Menzi pri Koritu, je odpovedan. Sledi organizatorjeva celotna objava za javnost:

»Žal, koncert odpade. Kupnino vstopnic dobite nazaj pri prodajnem mestu.

'To all the amazing Toxik fans,

It is with sincere regret that we to have to announce the postponement of this May’s “Dis Morta Over Europe” Tour. Our Captain and founder, Josh Christian, is unable to perform due to a setback in his recovery from hand surgery in January. We are hopeful that his recovery continues to progress so we can get back out on the road and bring only the best Toxik show for our fans. All ticket purchases will be refunded at point of sale. We are absolutely devastated, and appreciate all of your support. See you all soon!'«

11. 4. 2023

S svežo nagrado za Best Rock Album Of The Year (iHeart Radio Music Awards) v rokah so Ghost najavili izid novega EP-ja Phantomime, ki bo vključeval pet priredb. Prvo Jesus He Knows Me od Genesis so že predstavili, izbrani komadi pa so zapisani spodaj. EP bo izšel 18. maja pri Loma Vista Recordings.

See No Evil (Television)
Jesus He Knows Me (Genesis)
Hanging Around (The Stranglers)
Phantom Of The Opera (Iron Maiden)
We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) (Tina Turner)

Avtorica: Tina Urek
13. 1. 2023

Indonezijski avantgardneži Kekal bodo izdali best of kompilacijo z naslovom Eternitarian: The Essential Kekal, ki bo obsegala 31 komadov, ki so nastali med letoma 1995 in 2022. Album bo izšel 3. marca.

16. 12. 2022

Tarja predstavlja video za koncertno izvedbo skladbe Innocence, ki se nahaja na omejeni izdaji v začetku meseca izdane kompilacije Best Of: Living the Dream.

11. 11. 2022

Tarja predstavlja besedilni video za Eye of the Storm, uvodni komad kompilacije z naslovom Best Of: Living the Dream, ki bo izšla 2. decembra.

3. 11. 2022

Butcher Babies predstavili najnovejši videospot za pesem Best Friend.

27. 5. 2024
Steelfest Open Air 2024: predstavitev
27. 5. 2024
Seventh Station
24. 5. 2024
Iz ropotarnice: Gehenna - First Spell (EP)
23. 5. 2024
Dust Bolt - Sound & Fury
22. 5. 2024
Dwarrowdelf - The Fallen Leaves
21. 5. 2024
Vratolom: Warm Up
21. 5. 2024
Helleruin - Devils, Death and Dark Arts
20. 5. 2024
Weedow - Weedow
29. 5. 2024
Ippodromo Snai La Maura, Milano, Italija
31. 5. 2024
Britof, Jegulja
Dvorana KS Podlubnik - Stara Loka, Škofja Loka
1. 6. 2024
Magna Racino, Ebreichsdorf, Avstrija
1. 6. 2024
Payale Royale, July Jones
Cvetličarna, Ljubljana
4. 6. 2024
Rats Will Feast, Sociasylum, Smedja in Smetke, TupaTupaTam
TrainStation SubArt, Kranj
5. 6. 2024
Hard Charger, Saccage
Jalla Jalla, Metelkova, Ljubljana