22. 5. 2024

Danska black metal zasedba Solbrud je po 15 letih delovanja in štirih albumih prenehala delovati. Vzrok naj bi bil pomanjkanje motivacije, spodaj pa lahko preberete izjavo banda v celoti.

»Time for some sad news everyone: We have decided to end all activities with Solbrud and are disbanding now. Sorry to disappoint you all but it's the end of the road for us.

The reasons are many - in short we just can't really find the spirit and motivation required to keep this ship running the way it's supposed to. Until recently we had big plans for an upcoming album with David showing the rest of the world what a good match he was with Solbrud. But eventually we couldn’t find the energy to go through with it. We know that David at the moment is working on a solo project and hope y’all will give it a spin when it comes out.

"Alas, there will be no more touring, shows or farewell concerts this time around. We are hosting a big sale at our bandcamp shop to clear out our storage - Come make a good deal while the stock still lasts.

Solbrud has been a 15-year long journey with many profound experiences, highs and lows for us all. Can't really think of anything we would trade it for. We want to extend our gratitude to all you who have listened to the music and supported us through the years. Can't describe in words what it means to us. A special thank you goes to Stefan Klose / Vendetta Records, Peter Mesnickow / Moondrop and Anders Wind / Bullet booking. Feel free to share with us your best Solbrud related moments and add to the nostalgia. All the best.«

29. 4. 2024

Po 20 letih se z best of albumom A Life of Suffering na sceno vračajo francoski brutal death metalci Gurkkhas. Plošček, ki bo vseboval komade z obeh studijskih albumov Francozov, bo izšel poleti pri Great Dane Records.

24. 4. 2024

Iz tabora hrvaških doom metalcev Old Night sporočajo, da jih je zapustil vokalist in kitarist Matej Hanžek. Vrzel v zasedbi bo na vokalu tako zapolnil njegov brat Ivan, na kitari pa se je zasedbi pridružil Rafael Cvitković (Nekroza). Spodaj lahko preberete celotno izjavo banda:

»This is a post I write with a heavy heart, yet full of hope and with a bright look on the future. After eight years with us as our lead singer and frontman, earlier this year Matej decided to step down from his duties within Old Night. I know you are hoping for some gossip or a sassy story, but there was no drama involved. He just wants to focus on other things in life and at this point, music is not a priority for him. Having said that, I wish to thank him on our behalf for everything he has done for us, all the great times we shared on stage and backstage, but also for all the long hours he has put in working on our first three records. It was a privilege and you'll always be a part of our family. Obviously, this news has taken us aback and we had to figure out how best to proceed. We took some time to see what our options were, as this is an important role we needed to fill. After much deliberation we figured out we need not look outside our band for a perfect candidate as we have one in our midst. Ivan has been singing all the backing vocals from day one and from now on he will be handling all the lead vocals. No need to worry, he’ll remain our lead guitarist as well.

The only piece of the puzzle left to figure out was who’ll play the rhythm guitars? Without further ado, we welcome Rafael Cvitković, from the Croatian death metal machine Nekroza, as our new guitarist. If you attended our concerts, you might have already seen him filling in on sound checks or working on our merch booth. Nekroza just released their debut album on InsArt Records – you can check them out and show them your support.

With our line-up complete, we will continue working on our new record and we hope we’ll have some news in that regard soon. In a couple of weeks, we’ll have our first concert with the new line-up and we can’t wait to present you the New Old Night.«

17. 4. 2024

Organizatorji dogodkov Hangtime Agency sporočajo, da je nedeljski koncert zasedb Grima in Ultar v zagrebškem klubu Močvara odpovedan. Odpovedana sta tudi koncerta v Beogradu in Novem Sadu ter tudi 40 drugih nastopov skupin po Evropi. Zapletlo se je namreč pri vizah. Izjava banda:

»Dear followers of the Grima cult, sometimes even the biggest and oldest spruce tree can't withstand (in)human acts. There is a point where we have to bow down and accept what cannot be changed.
After 4 months of non-stop efforts from everyone involved behind the scenes, the best we got is a 30 days stay in the Schengen area. We have applied for a 90 days arts science visa, which we have been granted in past years, but not this time, the reasons have not been communicated to us.
We did everything we could do, Asgaardian Events and even Les Acteurs de L'Ombre Productions helped us as much as possible, but all we got are these 30 days for now, which we shall use to the fullest.
Our first show will be on the April 25 in Switzerland and the last one will be on the May 22 in Paris. Any other show will be cancelled. There will be no further rescheduling. We will be happy to see each one of our cultists at these shows. We won't have any other Central European tours in the near future, except a few festivals next year, which we are already negotiating with.«

11. 4. 2024

Metalcorovci SetYøurSails, ki bodo jutri izdali nov album Bad Blood, predstavljajo nov single z naslovom Bad Company. Album bo poleg omenjenega singla zajemal te komade:

Bad Blood
Best of Me
Bad Company
In My Head
Heart Attack

11. 4. 2024

Deathcorovci Chelsea Grin sporočajo, da je vrzel na bobnarskem stolčku zapolnil Josh Miller. Zasedba se je pred kratkim razšla z bobnarjem Pablom Viverosom in tako je nov polnopravni član zasedbe postal Josh. Izjava banda:

»We hope everyone has been doing well; we have some updates. We have parted ways with our fill-in drummer, Nathan Pearson. We sincerely value his friendship, as well as his devotion to furthering his craft and bringing his all to the stage. We truly look forward to watching his drumming career continue to blossom and advance, and value his time with us.

Furthermore, the band and Pablo have mutually agreed to separate. Pablo is one of our oldest friends, the life of the party, a masterful player, and a powerful creative. After Pablo spent some years away from the band, we all came together and realized that personal visions had diverged through time. We will always wish the very best for him, and seriously value all that he brought not only to the band, but to our lives. Nothing but tremendous love for him, always. We also encourage everyone to show support for him, Jaek and Alex’s new band, Ameonna.

Moving forward, we are proud and excited to announce that Josh Miller will be joining Chelsea Grin. It goes without saying that the future is bright – you will hear it in our music and witness it in our performances.

We keep very much to ourselves at this stage in our lives, but when we check in we want each of you to know that you are deeply and sincerely valued – we are so grateful for the opportunity to do what we love. We cannot wait to bring more of our vision to you all. Thank you for the years of support and love, and we will see you on our current tour supporting Fit For A King.«

3. 4. 2024

Kot smo januarja poročali, je v 78. letu starosti umrl Tony Clarkin, kitarist, ustanovitelj britanskih veteranov Magnum. Že takrat se je šušljalo, da to pomeni tudi konec za zasedbo, ki je to zdaj tudi uradno potrdila. Izjava vokalista Boba Catleyja:

»Hello, everybody. Bob here. All right. I wish I didn't have to tell you this, but I really can't carry on with Tony not here anymore. Please forgive me, and I hope you can understand how I feel. I've been thinking about it a lot lately.
Since we lost Tone, we lost our guiding light, the magnum force behind the band, our songwriter, our producer, our guitar player. He was everything to the band. He was everything to me. For the last 50 years, we never went anywhere without each other. On tour, in the studio, I was at his side constantly, working on stuff with him. I had a wonderful life with Tony. But now it's all too much for me, people. I can't carry on without Tony.
I may pop up in some other shape or form in the near future – you never know – but I can't keep going on like this. It's far too sad; it's all too sad.
So, I hope you understand. You've been fantastic – the best audience ever. You kept this band going year after year, album after album, and we thank you for that.
So, be good. Keep Tony's music in your heart always. I know I will. I will always carry MAGNUM inside me. And I will always have Tony Clarkin beside me wherever I go.
I love you. You've been brilliant. But it's time for me to bow out now. It's my last curtain call, okay? I'll see you sometime. Be good. Cheers. Bye-bye.«

3. 4. 2024

Poslušate lahko Best Before: Death, četrti album nemških power metalcev Stormhunter.

28. 2. 2024

Figura, tretji album The Canyon Observer, se v kategoriji najboljši avantgardni/eksperimentalni album (The Best Avantgarde/Experimental Metal Album) poteguje za nagrado Metal Storm Awards 2023. Glasovanja se lahko udeležite tukaj, pogoj je le predhodna prijava. Svoj glas lahko oddate samo še danes in jutri.

26. 2. 2024

Nemški heavy metalci Stormhunter so lani decembra napovedali nov album, minuli teden pa so Nemci v obliki besedilnega videospota razkrili pesem Vagabond ter poleg tega izdali, da bo album nosil naslov Best Before: Death in da bo prinesel enajst pesmi:

Morituri te salutant (instr.)
Altar of Illusions
Fallen Angel
Empty Shell
Berceau de l'Enfer
War Is Peace
A Mourning in August (instr.)

21. 2. 2024

Laibach so včeraj najavili nastop na letošnjem češkem metal festivalu Brutal Assault. V nastop bodo vključili Opus Dei set ter best of komade. Festival se bo odvil med 7. in 10. avgustom, med nastopajočimi pa se letos najdejo Abbath, Behemoth, Cynic, Deicide, My Dying Bride, Testament in drugi.

Avtorica: Tina Urek
13. 2. 2024

Na sceni se je pojavil nov band Coffin Storm. Ustanovili so ga Fenriz (Darkthrone), Apollyon (Aura Noir) in Bestial Tormentor (Inferno), imena, ki jih ljubiteljem black metala ni treba posebej predstavljati. Prvenec Arcana Rising bodo izdali 29. marca pri Peaceville Records, že zdaj pa lahko prisluhnete komadu Over Frozen Moors.

1. 2. 2024

Britanski melodični doom metal band Arð, za katerim stoji Mark Deeks (Winterfylleth), je objavil besedilni video za skladbo Cursed to Nothing But Patience s prihajajočega albuma Untouched by Fire. Ta izide 26. aprila pri Prophecy Productions in obsega te naslove:

Cursed to Nothing but Patience
Name Bestowed
He Saw Nine Winters
Beset by Weapons
Casket of Dust

19. 1. 2024

Legendarni Mercyful Fate so se razšli z basistom Joeyjem Vero. Zamenjava zanj še ni znana. Spodaj si lahko preberete izjavo Kinga Diamonda:

»Our friendship and respect for each other will always remain the same, and we all sincerely wish each other the absolut best for the future.«

17. 1. 2024

Nemška zasedba Paradox se vrača z napovedjo novega albuma Mysterium. Album naj bi izšel še letos pri založbi AFM Records, točen datum izida pa še ni znan. Spodaj pa si lahko preberete izjavo Charlyja Steinhauerja:

»Friends and fans,
I had a dream. I wanted to start together with AXEL BLAHA, with whom I founded PARADOX in 1981, and end together again at some point. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible because he has said goodbye to this world.
In all these years, AXEL was the only musician who worked with me the way you have to, to achieve a goal. We never danced around at multiple weddings and were always loyal to one band. PARADOX! This was the only way the two classics “PRODUCT OF IMAGINATION” and “HERESY” were possible.
I miss him very much and it is very difficult for me to move on without him, but anyone who knows me knows that giving up is not an option for me.
Not even after 43 years and that's why I can tell you, that I have composed a new PARADOX album, which will hopefully be released worldwide this year via AFM RECORDS. The album will be called “MYSTERIUM” and will contain all the trademarks a Paradox fan wants.
The special thing about “MYSTERIUM” is that I composed all the songs and played all the instruments myself, because I will never again work with project-hungry musician whores who play a few notes on an album but otherwise have nothing to do with PARADOX, or none maintain contact with his colleagues. Unfortunately, this runs like a common thread through the entire career and is the main reason why PARADOX was never able to really get off the ground. To do this you need musicians who work together and pursue a common goal.
It should also be a warning to all young musicians and new bands who want to achieve something with their band. You can find out more about this in the numerous interviews for the new album. You should definitely read this!
I will also be responsible for the mix and the entire production.
The lyrics are written by ACHIM “DAXX” HOEMERLEIN (ex-Vendetta), who also wrote the lyrics for “TALES OF THE WEIRD” and “PANGEA”.
TRAVIS SMITH (Opeth/Nevermore etc) is currently working on the artwork.
“MYSTERIUM” is a very heavy album and contains 10 songs with a playing time of 51 minutes. Dedicated to AXEL BLAHA, my best friend and co-founder of PARADOX!

27. 5. 2024
Seventh Station
27. 5. 2024
Steelfest Open Air 2024: predstavitev
24. 5. 2024
Iz ropotarnice: Gehenna - First Spell (EP)
23. 5. 2024
Dust Bolt - Sound & Fury
22. 5. 2024
Dwarrowdelf - The Fallen Leaves
21. 5. 2024
Helleruin - Devils, Death and Dark Arts
21. 5. 2024
Vratolom: Warm Up
20. 5. 2024
Weedow - Weedow
29. 5. 2024
Ippodromo Snai La Maura, Milano, Italija
31. 5. 2024
Britof, Jegulja
Dvorana KS Podlubnik - Stara Loka, Škofja Loka
1. 6. 2024
Magna Racino, Ebreichsdorf, Avstrija
1. 6. 2024
Payale Royale, July Jones
Cvetličarna, Ljubljana
4. 6. 2024
Rats Will Feast, Sociasylum, Smedja in Smetke, TupaTupaTam
TrainStation SubArt, Kranj
5. 6. 2024
Hard Charger, Saccage
Jalla Jalla, Metelkova, Ljubljana